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Closed Holidays: 2022  

We are OPEN all Monday school holidays except Labor Day and Memorial Day!

Closed and Special/ important dates:

September 5, 2022   Labor Day CLOSED   (No makeup class needed as in Aug every paid for 2 but got 3 Mondays to makeup class needed

September 15-  costume charges for December show will be added to those getting costumes/dancewear

September 24th  Community Performance 7pm Competition dancers and Performance groups

Oct 31, 2022   we are open  come in costume​

November 23-25 Wed-Fri  CLOSED for Thanksgiving closed

November 28th- Dec 15th free extra rehearsals for Dec 17th Show!!!!!!

Dec 10/11  Broadway Workshop Performance   TBA 

Dec 16/17  "Nutcracker Magic"  NPHS  Sat   2pm  Performance 

December (Thursday) 22 -Tues Jan 3 closed   classes resume Wed Jan 4th. 2023

January 9-20 Entry Fees due   for March 17-19 Fort Myers  

Feb  25/26   Broadway Workshop Performance  TBA

Feb 13th  costume charges will be added for those getting costumes

April 7  closed  Friday for Easter weekend


April 29/30  Broadway Workshop Performance  TBA

May 15th- June 15 , 2023  Free extra rehearsals for  June 17th show    "The World"  or " Salute to America"

Monday May 29th  Closed  Memorial Day

June 16/17  Recital   Saturday 2pm  optional extra show  6pm   or Friday 6:30 Performance

April 17-19 Regionals all Friday competitors must come during the week to work dances.


Ages 18 months- 3  Parent and Tot

Help your child explore movement/music/ physical development.  Major and minor muscle group thru sinple movements and FUN.   Mon 4;15-4:45   Tuesday 5:00-5:30    Cost  $36 per month.

ages 21/2-31/2 geared for the attention span of this age group they are introduced to Ballet movement  The class covers rhythm and counting, basic concepts and opposites, colors, major and minor muscle group development, listening skills and socialization and FUN! This is a 45 minute class

class 1 class $45  monthl second 45 minute class just $30 more

Friday 4:00  with Parents (optional) Older children that need assistance may have parents or older siblings helping as well, if your child needs you in class- then this class is for you! All other Childrens classes are preferably without parental assistance

As we social distance please understand that parents should try to drop off their child.  If we need you the secretary will call.

ages 3.5- 5

Tap/ Ballet, age appropriate music and movement. This level stresses basic skills in each dance form. A tradition dance class format is used.

Rhythm, timing, muscle development, memorization and listening skills are all taught. A very fun, fast moving class for boys or girls.

This is a 45 minute can be taken 1, or 2 x per week- 1 class $45 monthly each additional class is $30more per month/

Level 2 Combo  Wed 4:15-5:00- Full, 

Wed  5:00-5:45  starts 9/16          

 Thursday 5:00-5:45  Full

 4-6 and 5-8 Combo

More intense learning but still fun for this age Most combinations are Tap and Ballet but we will  offer Lyrical HipHop Jazz and Musical Theater

Mini Competition Mon 4:45 and Fri 4:45  must take both

Level 3 Combo  Tuesday 4:00-4:45  FULL

Level 3 Combo  Wednesday 5:00-5:45  ages 5-7

Level 3 combo  Thursday 5:45-6:30 5-8

Lyrical/ Contemporary a mixture of ballet, jazz and modern /Jazz create a mood, tell a story or convey an emotion.

Ballet Traditional classical ballet technique using proper terminology

teaching alignment, turnout, control and transition of movements.

Jazz-Hiphop Jazz-Theatrical Jazz- 

is a fast moving type of dance

which can look like music video dance or a Broadway show. Jazz classes have more turns, jumps and extensions then a hiphop class.

Tap- Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Savion Glover, Ann Miller are all famous tap dance names. Tap technique, different styles,  speed, accuracy and fun routines are taught.

Pointe for ballet dancers the highest form of Ballet, sur les pointes or on the toes. This class is by teacher invitation only. Students from the Dance program at NPHS are welcome to attend pointe with Janis as long as you are taking Ballet with Ms Slay/Ms Nelson

Other classes available

Broadway Dance  Mon 6:15

Musical Theater Dance  Tues 5pm   Th 4:15   Th 7:15

Contemporary Tues 6:30   Wed 7:30  Th 7:30

Modern  Mon 7:45  

Acro Tues 5:45   Thurs 6:30 FULL

HipHop  Mon 7pm ages 10- teen

Ballroom by private lesson only at this time

Dance with Janis

Questions? : or 941-451-3356

Performances available for your group, meeting, 

Fundraiser, Dinner, Nursing homes, Festival etc. 

call Janis 941-451-3356 studio (941) 766-0300

Dancers for your show! email:

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