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2019 Imagine DanceCompetition


8 and Under

I See the Light- 5 Stars Highest scoring group!!! Special Judges Award, Janis Received a Choreography Award for 12 and under groups and Group was invited to pass Nationals and go to World Dance Championships.

Jesters- 4.75 Stars ballet

3rd overall high score group!

9-11 Small groups

Believer 4.75 Stars 2nd Overall

NO! 4.75 Stars 1st Overall

9-11 Large Groups

Waltz of the Flowers 1st Overall

Boom Boom Pow 2nd Overall

12-14 small groups

In My Blood 4.75 Stars 6th Overall

Giselle 4.75 Stars 7th overall

Applause 4.75 Stars 5th Overall Awarded the 12 and Over "Entertainment" Award for all senior groups!

15-17 Duet Trios

A Little Party 4.75 Stars 5th Overall Senior Duet/trios

8 and under solos

Saiyani Thoek 4.75 Stars of 5 Stars

Bryan Tropf 5 Stars of 5 Stars 6th Overall High Score solo

Sofia Hills 4.75 Stars of 5 Stars

9-11 Novice- Stephanie Martinez 4.75 stas of 5 stars 5th overall


Lillian Brown 4,75 Stars of 5 Stars

Cadyn Shatney 4.75 Stars of 5 Stars


Brooke Corl 4.75 Stars of 5 Stars 4th Overall solo


Sophia Bonsky 4.75 Stars of 5 Stars 1st Overall solo

Great Job dancers!

2018 Bravo-

28 entries, 6 High Golds, 21 Elite High Golds, 1 Platinum

Overall Scores-

Joyful 1st duet/trio adult

I will Wait 1st overall Small Group adult

Unto Us 2nd overall small group adult

Partytime 2nd overall Jr Large group

Where are You Christmas 3rd Overall Jr. Large group

Most Wonderful Time of the Year 4th Overall Petite large group

Control 10th Overall Teen Solo Brenna Kavanagh

Radetsky March 10th Overall Petite solo Bryan Tropf

Sober 1st Overall Adult solo Amanda Calvert

Money Money 5th Overall Sr duet/trio Katie and Sarah Hurlburt

Special Judges awards: Bryan Tropf "King Dansuer"

Zoey Drachler "Beauty and Grace"

Great Job everyone- Must note really good judging!

2017 Regionals

19 entries 14 High Gold 5 Gold 12 Overall High Scores and category wins

Sparkle in the Sky Award "Pump It tap age 11-12

Cash award winner highest scoring group "Thriller" Sofia Aguilar, Cadyn Shatney, Lillian Brown and Patience Hayes!

Legacy Dance Championships Nationals results 2015 July Orlando

Mini Solos 8 and under

National 7th Overall! Zoey Drachler Something I Want

Nationals 6th Overall! Cadyn Shatney When You Wish ***special Judges Award "Too Darn Cute"

age 11-12 solos

National 4th Overall! Elena Aaronson "Memory"

age 13-15 solos

National 1st place Overall Diana Portillo

Duets and Trios

ages 9-10

National 4th Overall "Let It Go" Lily and Elena Aaronson

Nationals 1st Overall "Partytime" Zoey Drachler, Kassie Mihalakis and Emily Via

ages 11-12

National 4th Overall "Single Ladies" Brianna Henesy and Jade Decker

National 2nd Overall and Platinum Award "42nd Street"

Katie Hurlburt, Kenzie Mihalakis and Jade Decker

ages 13-15

National 4th Overall "Devil Went Down to Georgia" McKenna Howes and Diana Portillo

Small groups

ages 9-10

National 3rd Overall "Snowflakes"

National 2nd Overall "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

Ages 11-12

National 3rd Overall "Safe and Sound"

National 2nd Overall "Till the World Ends"


Invited to the Final 8 Showdown of all teen small groups!

James Bond

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