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 or (941) 766-0300 studio

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Dance with Janis

563 Tamiami TRL Unit 6,

Port Charlotte FL, 33953.

On the corner Of Chamberlain and Rt 41 Southbound.




Nutcracker Magic was a terrific show- awesome job students and staff


June 17th. 2pm. Across America!  North Port Performing Arts Center.

New dancers call Janis for Complimentary Tix to the show  941-451-3356




We are looking to perform for you in community shows.  Looking for Festivals, Picnics, Church Gatherings, Fundraisers,  School Functions, Dinners.  Where we perform has changed greatly with Covid.    Call now  performances are  for promotion of our studio,  donations for our competition dancers are welcome but not mandatory,  941-451-3356


ZUMBA!  with Tina Melik   

Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-9:30 am

call Tina for more info  1-586-507-2414   $8-$10. per class

New- Core Fitness M-W-F

9:00-10:00 am  fitness, balance, dance and fun $10 per class adults

Jacquie Baldelli   


New!!!! Belly Dance  Tuesdays 1:00-2:00 pm wtih Jacquie Baldelli



Parent and Tot.  Call for your free trial

 941-451-3356   ages  18 month-30 months with caregiver (parent and tot)  Tuesdays 5:00-5:30 

 fun and exciting learning class to introduce young ones to movement/music/concepts. $36. 


Just Me. Ages 2-3. Transitional class from Parent and tot.  Parents can help but we try to have them step back a bit,. Ballet, Creative and Tumble/ Obstacle course 

Tuesdays  5:30-6:15 . $50 month. First class free trial  starts  7/11/23

July 10th  ages 2.5-4  Kinderdance 1

Mon 4;15-5:00Tap/Ballet/creative 


Call now to save a spot in any new class 941-451-3356






Janis Raven-Garvey Artistic Director

A former professional dancer in  Broadway, Cabaret, video  and Ballet Companies, Music Video Choreographer,  former Director of New Jersey Dance Company 1976-1994, Staff member at Dance + Plus 1995-2004, Dance with Janis 2004-present. Award winner multiple times for her Choreography and Technical Excellence of her students.  Moved to Current location in 2016 for more space! Teaching Munchkins,  Competition solos, Beginner Pointe,  and Intermediate Ballet,  Intermediate Lyrical Competition groups, Nutcracker Workshop  and  Home school Ballet classes.


Sandy Grenier joined us in 2016 and teaches Tap, Jazz  and Contemporaray/Lyrical for Adults,  TumbleFUN,  Acro, Kinderdance classes, Parent and Tot, she also assists in Ballet and Pointe classes,  Private lessons and Wedding couples choreography.  She teaches children, teens  and adults.  Her results are outstanding!  Sandy is a former studio owner from the Northeast.


Danielle Chapman joined us in October of 2018 and teaches Broadway Jazz Mondays and Intermediate Contemporary/Lyrical  teen, . private lessons and Competition Choreography.  Danielle was trained in NYC and comes from a family of  dancers.


Brittany Wight  a  Life long dancer and competition dancer Is teaching Contemporary,  Int and Adv Tap,  Adv Jazz,  Teen  Jazz, Teen  Lyrical and  Competition Prep class as well as  private lessons for Competition Choreography/Technique.   Brittany holds many Competition Titles and Awards and has trained in all forms of dance and Cheer.  


Catherine Dowie-. Trained in Ballet and Pointe with teaching experience in all dance forms ,

Catherine is formerly with the Gulf Coast Ballet as a performer and staff member.  

She Teaches Adult Int Ballet,  Beginner Ballet,  Advanced Ballet ,  Pointe as well as Competition Choreography  and Yoga


Emalee Snooks  Teacher,  Emalee is a trained competitive dancer who is currently teaching  Hip Hop,  Musical theater,  Kinderdance,  Acro,  TumbleFUN,  Preteen  Jazz,  Tumble 3, Adv Lyrical ,  Kids tap, and   Competition Choreography.


Brooke Corl assistant teacher/ teacher.  Competitive dancer and student at Dance with Janis. 

Also a a VPA dancer at North Port High School.  Brooke will be Teaching  Lyrical for kids ages 4-7, and possibly Beginner ballet for children as well as assisting Janis in Int Competitive Lyrical,  Beg 4/Int Ballet, and Nutcracker Workshop on Mondays.


Meghan Snooks-  Assistant Teacher/Teacher-  Meghan assists in TumbleFUN,  Kinderdance,  Parent and tot, Kids Hip Hop,  Acro and Tumble.    Preteen Jazz,   Meghan is our well trained go to substitute for classes 

Sophie Mazza- Trained at Dance with Janis, has competed and performed for about 8 years.  She is our newest assistant teacher and shows great promise as more than an assistant teacher.  She wil be a substitute this summer to cover other staff vacations.


Isabella Roseno. Class assistant.  VPA dance student at NPHS assists in our TumbleFUN, Kinderdance and Kids HipHop classes on Thursdays. 



Tina Melik-  Zumba  Tues and Thurs  8:30-9:30 am  Tinas classes are FUN and DANCY.  Eveyone can do it!

call her directly-  1-586-907-2414     Pay per class 



Jacquie Baldelli 

Core Fitness M-W-F 9:00-10:00 am  adults

Belly Dance Beginners  Tues 1:00-2:00

Belly Dance Performance Troupe  Saturdays 12:00-2:00-  call Jacquie directly 

1-941- 735-2763


YaYa Diamond-  Currently  on tour for her Grammy Nominated SONG!  - She will be back next spring!

Voice, public speaking, performance, and much much more!  



Barbara Mangnon Professor of Classical Ballet at the University of Oklahoma has joined our staff as an additional teacher she will sub for classes.

 Classes currently available for registration

July  10- Dec 31 2023



9:00-10:00 Core Fitness  $10 class  Jacquie Baldelli 941-735-2763

4:15-5:00 Kinderdance 1 ages 2.5-4  ES

4:15-445 kids Ballet ages 5-7 yrs ( 30 min) with Janis

4:45-5:00 Comp solos Emily + Emmalyn when complete

5:00  Lyrical  kids int comp   class JRG/SM

5:00  Kids Tap  ages 5-9 ES

5:45-6:30 Level 4/ Intermediate Ballet ages 8-14

5:45-6:30 Hip Hop Jazz ages 9-14

6:30-7:00 Pointe and Prepointe ages; 9-15  JRG 

6;30-7:00 Private Lesson Abby Chumley DC

7:00-7:45  Adv Teen Contemp/Lyr   High School    BW July is Choreo solos

7:00-7:45  Broadway JAZZ  ages 9-16  (with experience of at least 2 yrs)   DC

7:45-830 Kickline Class

Teacher TBA  ages 9-adults

7:45-8:30  HipHop Jazz for teens and Adults  call for register 



8:30-9:30 am  ZUMBA with Tina  1-586-907-2414

1:00-2:00  Belly Dance for Beginners   Jacquie

4:15-5:00. TumbleFUN  2 ages  3.5-6  Sandy/Jaya  

4:15-5:00  Kinderdance 2  ages 4-6   Tap/Ballet  ES/MS

5:00-5:30 Parent and TOT  ages 18months -3yrs with Caregiver (older if needed for disabilities) $38  SG/MS/JRG

5:00 - 545. Tumble 3  ages 6-11   Cartwheel, handstands roundoffs  bridges   Emalee additional class Wed 415 or Th 545

5:30-6:15 "Just Me"  class for ages 2-3 yrs (minimal parent assistance)  intro to all dance styles and fun  SG  

5:45-6:30  Kids Hip Hop Level  2/3  ages 6-10    Emalee/Meghan 

6:15-7:00   Int teen Ballet  Janis   comp and performance

6:30-715  Adult Tap   Exp

7:00-7:45   Teen Int  Lyrical.  Emalee

715-800  adult Jazz  SG

7:45-8:15  Bryan, Lena, Jaya, Vanessa  solo rehearsal  once dances are done.

8:00-8:45  adult Contemp/Lyrical  SG



9:00-10:00 Core Fitness Jacquie

4:15-5:00 NEW!  Kids Lyrical ages 4.5-9  JRG/ SM 

4:15-5:00 Tumble 3 ages 5-12 Meghan

5:00-5:45 Kids Tap 

ages 5.5-10   Emalee/Meghan

5:00-5:45 Childrens Ballet

ages 5-9  JRG/SM

5:45-6:30  HipHop Jazz ages 10-16  ES/MS Emalee/Meghan 

5:45-630  Int/Adv   Pointe   Catherine   comp/Perf

630-7:15   Beg/ Int  Ballet  Teen/Adult  JRG   limited space

630-730 Advanced Teen Jazz  BW Comp and Performance

7:30-8:30 Adult Ballet   Int.,/adv Catherine   

7:30-8:00 Sophie and Brooke

8:00-8:30 Advanced Technique


8:30-9:30 am  Zumba with Tina  1-586-907-2414

4:15-5:00 kinderdance 1 ages 3-5  Tap/ Ballet ES

5:00-5:45 HipHop Jazz  kids  4-8 . SG

5:00- 5:45   Kinderdance  2 ages  4-7   Tap/Ballet emalee

5:45 -630  Musical Theater kids 3-9. SG

5:45 -630 kids Hip Hop 3/4 ages 6.5-11.  Emalee  limited space

6:30 -730   Int/adv  Acro  walkovers  handsprings, ariels  etc.   Sandy/Emalee

6:30- Lena or Sofia Hills 

7:00 Sophie Bonsky

7:30  Alia or Lena  

7:30 -8:15 Musical Theater Production and  Turn and leap class 

 Emalee  9-adult 


 Annual registration Fee $25  per dancer  $35 for 2 same family,      $50 for 3 or more same family          

1- 45 minute class per week = $50 per month. 

additional 45 minute classes per week charged at $33 more per month 2 per week $83,  3 - $116,  4- $148


1 hour class  $60   additional hour classes $44 monthly  2 hours $102   3 Hours  $148.

Special price classes-  Parent and tot Mon 415/  Tues 5:00-5:30  $38 monthly

additional 30 minute classes  $22 more per month.

Private lessons  $30 per 30 minutes  or  $60 per hour  when available

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