Dance with Janis - Ballet Pointe Tap Jazz HipHop Contemporary Kids classes 2 up
(941) 423-8243   or text me  941-451-3356
Welcome!  We hope you join our group of Dancers and friends.
Every dancer is important whether they take one class a week, or are competitive dancers.
"Only the Best for your child" and you!

Our students have been invited to audition for Dance Moms and Abbys Ultimate Dance Competition!  Nice Honor>

Fall classes resume  Monday August 18th! (1/2 tuition for August)

Adult Dance Classes
Monday 8:15-9:00  Tap!  All levels   $36 monthly class starts 8/18!
Wednesday 10:30-11:15  Ballet  all levels $36.00 monthly starts September  3
Wednesday 11:15-12:00 noon Contemporary dance $36.00 monthly
starts September  3
(Discounts for 2 or more classes per week!  take 2 for $58 monthly)
Kiddles class added  . Tuesdays 4:45-5:30 ages 21/2-4  starts 8/19!
Mondays 10:30-11:15 Kiddles added new time!

To register for your FREE trial class  or to request a performance for
your Church, School, Festival or Fundraiser  call Janis :
 (941) 423-8243
Great News!  Homeschool classes are held at Horizon Gymnastics and Dance Academy, 285 Adalia Terrace Port Charlotte, (on the North Port border)  Special rates for morning Homeschool  classes (Mon Wed Fri) email me  .   or call  941-423-8243
Want a class for your homeschool group only! can be arranged just call to set it up!  AM homeschool classes
$30 monthly for 45 minute class, additional classes $22 extra per month!
Dance  Schedule at Horizon Gymnastics and Dance Academy,  285 Adalia Terr. Port Charlotte FL.  41 South between Cranberry and Chamberlain behind Carousel Realty.  (941) 423-8243       billing office  (941) 627-5342

Fall 2014 Schedule - this schedule is subject to change. Starts Monday August 18th!
Some things like rehearsal times may change due to students needs, classes may be added as others fill.

Monday  am  Ms Eryne    starts 8/18
9:45-10:30  Kinderdance ages 4-7 Homeschool rate- ballet/tap
10:30-11:15 Kiddles ages 3-5  (after Playdate!)
11:15-12:00  Adult HipHop/ Homeschoolers  ages 8+
Monday  pm Ms Janis and .....
3:45-4:15 Private lesson Allie Mae
4:15-5:00  Kinderdance B/T ages 4-6- Class Helper Samantha M
5:00-6:00  Int  Jazz ages 9-16
6:00-7:00 Int Lyrical ages 9-16
7:00-7:15  Solos+ Duets- McKenna+ Diana, Angel, McKenna
7:15-8:15 int/advanced tap ages 12-college     Ms Erica
8:15-9:00  adult tap (older beginner teens ok) (door closed window covered can wear jeans or sweats!)  currently have 5 interested- lets get more!  Janis  

Tuesday pm  Ms Janis, asst  Taylor, Paige, Erica   starts 8/19
3:45-4:45  Dance Achievers 1 Ballet/tap ages 6-10 (5 with exp)*
If time is concern can start class at 4:00 instead- let me know
4:45-5:30  Kiddles ages 21/2-4  Ballet/tap/creative   NEW TIME
5:30-6:15  HipHop Jazz 3 ages 9 -14 and exp younger
6:15-7:00  Dance Achievers Ballet/tap ages 6-10 (5 with exp) 45min
7:00-8:00 Int/Adv  Contemporary ages 13+ experienced
8:00-9:00 Int/Adv  Jazz ages 13+ experienced
9:00-9:15  solos-  Taylor Royer,  McKenna, Tyra (Tyra starts sept)

Wednesday am  Wed am classes will start in September 3 !
9:45-10:30 Mommy and Me ages 2-4 Moms need to help the youngest ages  please
10:30-11:15 Adult and Homeschool teens  Ballet beginners + exp
11:15-12:00  adult contemporary   and homeschool teens
Wednesday pm  starts Aug 20th
3:45-4:30  Kiddles  2-31/2 (with/without mom)  Ms Melissa
4:30-5:15  Kinderdance ages 4-7  B/T  Ms Melissa
5:15-6:15  Accelerated Tap/Ballet  Level 3  ages 6-9 Ms Janis
6:15-7:00  Kids HipHop Jazz ages 5-10 Ms Janis
7:00-7:15- solos   Rachel, Angel,  Diana
7:15-8:15 Int/Adv Ballet technique  
8:15-9:00 Intermediate Pointe ($24 with other classes)
9:00-9:15 Meadow,  ??Maya in September??

Thursday pm  Janis + Eryne   starts Aug 21
3:30-4:15 Kiddles ages 21/2-4  Ms Janis
4:15-5:00 Kinderdance+ Dance Achievers Lyrical/Jazz combo ages 4-9
5:00-6:00 Int  Tap  ages 8-16  Ms Janis + Ms Eryne
6:00-7:00  Int Ballet  ages 8-16  Ms Janis + Ms Eryne
7:00-7:15  solos  Bri and Jade, Hailey B, Zoey 
7:15-8:15  Int Contemporary ages 8-16  Ms Eryne
8:15-9:00  HipHop with Eryne  ages 11+ up
Thursday slight time change for classes.

Friday am  starts Aug 22
9:30-10:30 - Private Lesson Genesis Bajana
10:30-11;15  Homeschool dance Ballet/tap ages 4 and up
11:15-12:00 Homeschool dance  Lyrical/Jazz  all ages moms too!
Friday pm  starts aug 22
3:45-4:00  Solos Cadyn Shatney
4:00-4:45  Lyrical 2 ages 5-10
4:45-5:30  HipHop Jazz ages 5-10
5:30-6:00 Pointe beginner ($20 with other classes and teacher ok)
6:00-7:00 * Int Jazz ages  ages 9-16 some exp preferred -same as Monday 5Pm-  Monday at 5 and Friday at 6:45 for just  $65! monthly
7:00-7:15  solos   Elena,   Lily and Elena 
* Note Int Jazz will run for August- then we will decide if the class can continue.

Saturday  starts Aug  23rd
8:45-9:30 Mommy and me ages 2-3
9:30-10:15 Kiddles ages 3+4 (3's with experience please)
10:15-11:00  Kinderdance  ages 4-6 or 4-7- new time!
11:00-11:45  Ballet Technique ages 6-12
11:45-12:30  Ballet Workshop ages 4 and up (must take a separate ballet class)  preparing The party scene from The Nutcracker for Holiday show!
12:30 -1:00  Kailee Harrison private lesson  
1:00-1:30  Rhiannon and Mackenzie private lesson- will start in September.

Additional classes may be added on saturdays

Rates and Fees for Group classe s

45 minute class $36 per month,  each additional 45 minute class (except Pointe) is only $22 extra per month
1 Hour class $40 per month  each additional 1 hour class is $28 more per month.
 Group  Competition rehearsals  are  Solo $24,  duets $12 each dancer

1.5 hour class or 2 - 45 minute classes $58  per month
1.75 hours-  1 hour and 45 minute classes  $62
other multiple class discounts are available
Private lessons  $25 per 1/2 hour,  $37.50 per 45 min.  or $50 per hour
Daytime home school classes are a special rate call for info
Homeschool classes Mon-Fri am only 45 minutes $30;  extra classes in am $22 more each per dancer not family.
Horizon requires an annual $45 membership fee.

 We do community performances for Churches, parties, events and more. Must have a space at least 20x20 to perform in. Bigger is better.  We will perform for your fundraiser- Call me!

Do you need entertainment or a demonstration for your Party, School,
Festival or any event?  We are now booking  (941) 423-8243!

A full schedule of classes is offered by Janis Raven-Garvey
a former professional dancer with more then 35 years
teaching and choreographing experience and her staff  - Eryne Phillips, Paige Elliott, Erica Staub and  Taylor Royer, and substitute Sara Battaglia conduct classes for all ages along with  guest artists such as  Ryan Smith, and  Jovani Serrano (former student of Janis) both choreographers and performers from NYC. The class schedule features Janis's copyrighted  "Young Childs Dance" syllabus,  but all ages are taught. Now off premise dance classes are available for you School, Church, Preschool, or   Great way to earn extra income!

The studio is located inside Horizon Gymnastics and Dance, 285 Adalia Terrace,
Performances other then just recitals are an important part of this special dance  program.  Our recitals are held in December, this year 12/20/14 at the Cultural Center Theater and  the 3rd weekend in June at North Port High School, the Performing Arts Center. This year June 19th and 20th, 2015 , Many of our students from
age 4 and up, go to Regional and National  Dance Competitions.
Recital costumes generally cost between $55-$80 and are reused for other shows  whenever possible. We do not have a "Recital Fee", just ticket sales.
To , ask a question, request a performance, or for more info about classes 
just email me,,  or call (941)423-8243.

To Book a performance for your location please call (941) 423-8243 and speak directly to Janis. Now taking bookings  for 2014. For a donation to our competition company we will come and do a 45 minute show, or demonstration.  You can request longer or shorter shows for any age audience.  All costuming and movement is appropriate for children  and adults.  We say it is "Grandma approved!"
 Horizon Gymnastics and Dance,  285 Adalia Terr. Port Charlotte Between Chamberlain  and Cranberry (Cornelius) Blvds just south of North Port in the Murdock area.
(941) 423-8243
You can also get registrations forms at the web site
First class is FREE! at Horizon
Your first (trial) class is always Free.
 September   is the next "BRING a FRIEND" to class month.  Bring your friends, Neighbors, relatives, school/church groups, girls scouts etc to try one class free!

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