Dance with Janis - ABOUT US SCHEDULES - Port Charlotte, FL
Dance with Janis - Ballet Pointe Tap Jazz HipHop Contemporary Kids classes 2 up
941-451-3356 call or text  or (941) 766-0300 studio

for all Community performance photos  to view/purchase  Dance with Janis photos from  Shows and workshops.

Dance with Janis
563 Tamiami TRL Unit 6,
Port Charlotte FL, 33953.  
On the corner  Of Chamberlain and  Rt 41 Southbound.

Tent:  Alexandra Burman from the Houston Ballet will teach
a Master class In October or November   watch for more info

Brandon Chapman   Santa Fe College Dance Company will teach Jazz and Lyrical Contemporary, and  choreography  for trained dancers

Alora Hardman,  will be added to our staff for Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Tap.

Sandy Grenier will  teach Adult classes in Tap and Jazz,  childrens classes in Tap, Ballet and Acro  + Competitive Tap for teens

Madison Pratt- HipHop  Mondays 5:00-5:45 ages 4-7. 5:45-6:30 HipHop ages 6-11,  6:30-7:30 Teen ages 12-18,
7:30-8:30 Adult HipHop

Anna Arnold with share her expertise in Clogging!  Wednesdays 6:00-6:45  pm  Free Trial for your first class. Open for all ages   Next class Wed August  22

David Rigsby will teach Musical Theater 
Acting/Voice/dance movement Thurs 7:15pm in August
Free trial for your first class call to save a spot.  Ages 6 - adult

Carlos Garland season 10 "So You Think You Can Dance"  "Spiderman" on Broadway,  Tour of "Bad Boys of Ballet"  will conduct a Master class in Contemporary/Lyrical.  Carlos was Awesome.....loved it! He will be back!

Linda Giancaprowll return for  Ballet Master classes this Fall

 "Ilse Mindling  Yoga for any age"  Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:30-10:30am
for more information please contact Ilse

Welcome!  We hope you join our group of Dancers and friends.

Every dancer is important whether they take one class a week or are Regional or National Competitors

Fall Schedule  2018-2019
Classes will start August 20th.  Email, Website, Google, Phone, Text registrations taken from 7/15-8/1218   
 In person registration and re-registration for returning students is August 13-16 Mon-Thurs 4:00-8:00pm
Dancewear and shoe fittings and sales, evaluations, Dance Jacket orders, Performance and Competition schedules
and also solo extra practices will be held that week.
You MUST be registered (Paid)  to attend classes the following week.

August schedule starts Monday August 20th- Half tuition for August! 
Holiday "The Nutcracker and More" Thursday/Friday Dec 20 + 21,   curtain at 7pm.
 June 2019 show Fri/Sat June 21 +22
Both shows at North Port High School Performing Arts Center  6400 W. Price Blvd North Port

4:45-5:30   Kiddles ages 2-3 with or without mom- Janis Limited space Additional class will be added as needed Fridays 3:45-4:30
5:0-5:45 Hip Hop Jazz ages 4-7  Madison
5:30-6:15  Ballet  for children ages 4-7  Janis  limited space!
 (also thurs 545 with Ms Sandy ages 6-12) Saturdays mid September 11:20-12:15 Madison ages 5-9
5:45-6:30 Hip Hop ages 6-11  Madison
6:15-6:30  solos  Lillian B and (Sarah H Jan 19)
6:30-7:30 Jazz  Int/adv  Teen  Janis/Brandon
6:30-7:30 Teen Hip Hop  Madison 
7:30-8:30  Lyrical Int/Adv Teen  Janis/Brandon
7:30-8:30  Adult HipHop  Madison

9:30-10:30 am    Yoga  with Ilse Mindling $10 per class
4:00-4:45  Ages 3+4 Tap/Ballet Janis  Limited space! additional class in Sept Wed 4:15-5:00
4:45-5:00  Solos Bryan and Saiyani  Janis
5:00-5:45  Acro for children ages 3-8  Sandy  open
5:00-5:45  Ballet 2/3 ages 6-10  Janis  competitive Liomited
5:45-6:30  Acro ages 7 and up Cartwheel/Handstand
5:45-6:30  Lyrical 2/3  ages 6-11 Janis competitive Limited
6:30-7:30  Pointe   Int/adv   teen/adult Janis/TBA
6:30-7:15  Adult Jazz Sandy all welcome
7:15-8:00  Adult Tap  Sandy   all welcome
7:30-8:30  Ballet Technique Int/adv  Janis/TBA
8:00-8:45 Adult Ballet  starts Sept 11  No exp needed Sandy

4:15-5:00  starts Sept  ages 3-4 Tap ballet combo
5:00-5:15  solos Sofia H + Stephanie M  solos
5:15-6:00  Intermediate Competitive Tap  7-12  Janis 
5;15-6:00  TBA
6:00-6:45  Intermediate  competitive Ballet and Beginner Pointe 7-12  Janis 
6:00-6:45  Clogging with Anna  all ages  "Soles in Motion" Open
6:45-7:15/7:30  Nutcracker Workshop Aug- Dec   Janis
6:45-7:30  HipHop Jazz 3   ages 7-12  Alora
7:30-8:30  Turn and Leap Class  Alora - Competitive dancers add this class for $20 per month!

930-1030 am  Yoga  with Ilse  Mindling 
4:30-5:15- Kids HipHop Jazz  2 ages  5-9  Janis   competitive
5:00-5:45   TAP  5-10  Sandy
5:15-6:00 Combo 2  Tap/Ballet  ages 4-6  Janis
5:45-6:30  Ballet  6-10      Sandy
6:00-6:15   Solos  Cadyn and Brooke
6:30-7:15    ACRO ages 7 and up
6:15-7:15  Intermediate/Adv   Ballet 11+ up    Janis  competitive
7:15-8:00  Musical Theater  open ages  David Rigsby  Acting,Voice, dance  movement, ages 7 and up
7:15-8:15   Int/Adv Tap  12 -adult  Sandy  competitive

4:30-5:15  Combo 2    Ballet/tap ages 4-6  Janis  same as thurs 515
4:30-5:15 Tap ages 7 and up   Alora
5:15-6:00   Ballet  2/3 ages 6-10  competitive same as tues 5
5:15-6:00  HipHop  open ages  Alora
6:00-6:45   Lyrical  3/4 ages  8-14 competitive 
6:00-6:45 Contemporary open  ages Alora
6:45-7:30  Jazz ages 3/4 8-14 competitive
7:30-8:00  Pointe Beginner  need at least 3 to start ages 11 and up

Saturday starting Mid September
10:00-10:45  Ballet/HipHop ages 4-6  Madison
10:00-10:45   Lyrical ages 8 and up Alora
10:45 -11:30  HipHop open ages Madison
10:45-11;30  Musical Theater ages 6 and up Alora
11:30-12:15  Ballet for Children  Madison
11:30-12:15  Jazz open  Alora

45 minute group class $38 paid monthly,  additional 45 minute classes $28 more per month (discounted rate for monthly payments)   1 - 45 minute class $38,  2 classes per week are $66 monthly and 3 per week are $94 monthly etc
1 hour class $46 monthly, additional is + $32    2= $78,   3 classes =$110 etc.
half hour special classes $20 per month with other classes- no further discounts
Competition solos  $26 per month 
Annual Registration fee for returning  students  $15.00 
New students first registration $20
special rehearsals-  Weekly shared solo Competition  rehearsals  $26 monthly 
 15 min (2 dances)

We take cash, check and credit/debit cards.   Tuitions are due the first week of the month and late after the 10th of the month.  Late payments are subject to a $10 late fee.
Please understand the monthly fees are discounted.  We expect students to take classes and continue their training.  If you want to drop in to class the rate $15 per class, unless offered at $10 Salsa/ Yoga

The Best Childrens program in the area!
And Now the best Adult program in the area!
The most comprehensive ballet program in the area
Now with more HipHop,More Tap, More Lyrical and Contemporary , more jazz, more Musical Theater and

941-451-3356       (941) 766-0300
Janis Raven-Garvey former professional dancer with more then 40 years  Teaching and choreographing experience and her staff  Sandy Grenier,  Madison Pratt,  Eryne Phillips, Alexandra Burman (Houston Ballet), David Rigsby, Anna Arnold, Adrianna Mounts , Alora Hardman, Brandon Chapman (Sanra Fe College Dance Company)
 and assistants  conduct classes for all  ages along with  guest artists such as  Jovani Serrano  choreographer/performer NYC ,  Ed Phelan  Master Choreographer/competition judge USA,  both former students of Janis's,  Linda Giancaspro  ballet Mistress for New England Ballet,  Carlos Garland "SYTYCD" season 10,  The class schedule features Janis's copyrighted  "Young Childs Dance" syllabus for ages 2-7,  but all ages and levels  are taught.

Performances other then just recitals for are an important part of this special dance  program.  Our recitals are held in December 20+21, 2018   and   June  21+ 22, 2019  at North Port High School,  the Performing Arts Center.
Recital costumes generally cost between $58-$80 and are reused for other shows  whenever possible.  If you purchase a costume for the December performance then the same costume will usually be reused in June with a new routine. One exception is if you change classes/levels you will need to purchase a new costume.
just email me,  [email protected] or call (941)766-0300 or text me 941-451-3356

Jan 20    Girl Scouts exhibition and classes at Sky Academy  1:30-5:00
Feb 18th  Master class  with Linda Giancaspro 1-2:30 and 2:30-4
Feb 24th  Kids Fest Port Charlotte Beach Complex 10-1
March 4th Special Rehearsal for Regionals
March  9-11 Regionals Fort Myers
April 22- Master class with Carlos Garland "So You Think You Can Dance"  1-2:30
April 24th Punta Gorda Block Party
July 15th Private Party Lazy River- 90th Birthday Celebration attended by 120 people

 March 12 Lazy Lagoon Mobile Home Park PG arrive 2:15 dance at 3pm  GREAT JOB
March 25+26 Ticket to Broadway Regional Competition  Sarasota  Overal scores and judges awards!
March 31, 5:30 Glenallen Spring Fling
June 17  NPHS   On Broadway
Aug 4 and 5 Open House performances at the studio
Aug 27th  Leap Forward Scholarshop interview and audition, Maya, Katie H, Cadyn and Zoey were all nominees   All were awarded  places- Grand prize  Zoey Drachler

Oct 14th TBA  Pumpkin Fest cancelled due to Hurricane damage  River Commons 2:30 dance time
Nov  5th Sunday  Villa San Carlos
Nov 11th  Demo at Vetrans celebration  County LLine Pawn
Nov  19th  Villa San carloss II
December 2nd  North port Invitational  NPHS 
Dec 21+ 22 NPHS  "Joyful"  NPHS

2016 performances

July 1-8 Legacy Nationals Orlando FL
Nov 5th  NPHS Dance Invitational
Dec 18+ 19  Charlotte High School  Christmas memories
April 8-10 Legacy Regionals
July 5-7  legacy Nationals Orlando
Oct 16th River Commons assisted Living
Oct 31  Suncoast Baptist Trunk or treat
Nov 5th NPHS Invitational
Dec 16th CPAC  The Nutcracker and Other Gifts.
Feb 14+15 Legacy Dance Championships 
March 15th 2015  Lazy Lagoon Mobile home park  Punta Gorda.
June 19+ 20th North Port High School     "At the Movies"

Oct 16th  River Commons  show  2pm
First class is FREE!
Your first (trial) class is always Free.
 September and January are  "BRING a FRIEND" to class months.  Bring your friends, Neighbors, relatives, school/church groups, girls scouts etc to try one class free!

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